URGENT! - Help Churches Housing Action Team

A message from Charles, our organist

As you may possibly know, I am involved with a singing group, the Wyndham Singers who, each year, put on Concerts to raise funds for their chosen charity. This year we are supporting CHAT, the Churches Housing Action Team, a body concerned with helping the homeless and those struggling with money problems and crippling debt. Homelessness is a real problem in our part of the world, and especially in and around Tiverton.

CHAT is about to lose their Debt and Money Advisor, and have applied to Aviva for a £10,000 grant to maintain their vitally important work.

More information here. This will open a link to allow you to cast your vote for CHAT

Put simply, each year, Aviva gives awards to projects which attract the highest number of votes, which is why I am asking you to vote for this cause. Those of us with friends and relatives on the social media may wish to offer them this Facebook contact @CHATMidDevon where they will find the link.

I do hope you can spare the 5 minutes to cast your vote (there's no cost involved). And if you can spread the word farther afield amongst all your contacts and friends, well so much the better. It is truly a worthy cause.

Thank you.