April 2017

Weather Report – April 2017

In Plymtree April was a very interesting month weatherwise. The unsettled weather during March continued for the first few days of April. However, from the 4th until the 29th there was no significant rainfall. A few of the light showers that occurred on the 25th were wintry. The month ended with some heavy rainfall on the 30th,There were a few reasonably warm days but also some much cooler ones and more especially some cold nights with frosts recorded. The frost on the morning of the 27th caused damage to the young leaves of many shrubs. The total rainfall I measured for the month was 37.6mm. The average (1981-2010) at Dunkeswell Airfield is 75.0mm. This means that we received only 50% of the Dunkeswell average. The wettest day of the month was the 30th with 32.0mm (0900 GMT on 30th to 0900 GMT on 1st May). Between 1st and 29th the total rainfall was only 5.6mm or 7.5% of the Dunkeswell average. There were only 3 rain days (rainfall ≥ 1mm), which compares to an average of 11.0 days for Dunkeswell. During the last 5 months (December 2016 to April 2017) the total rainfall I have recorded (284.3mm) equates to only 60% of the Dunkeswell average. The highest temperature I recorded during April was 22.2°C on the 9th. The lowest temperature, -3.8°C was recorded on the 27th. The strongest wind recorded by Pete Draper at Normans Green was 21.3mph on the morning of the 25th.

(Please note because of the heavy rainfall on the 30th the axis on the graph below has changed from that normally shown: i.e. 0-35mm rather than 0-25mm).

Mike Ayles