Gypsy Dreamers – Concert Review

This was the fifth event run by Plymtree Performing Arts, and the best attended. The audience of nearly 70 included a contingent from Sheldon and three Spanish students staying in Plymtree. The audience was treated to a very varied musical set from four excellent musicians. The French percussionist Thierry sang his own songs as well as one by Jacques Brel. But most of the songs were shared by the two women Natalie and Sara. Their voices were fabulous. Cellist Natalie provided some amusing songs as well as lovely cello moments. New member Sara had joined the band to replace the violinist, and brought to the concert some of her own songs with a voice that many have said was the highlight of the evening. Sara has gained the admiration of Jamie Callum, and also performs with her own group. (

For the last encore the Gypsy Dreamers abandoned the stage and sang acapella without microphones to the Lumineer’s Ho Hey (I belong to you , you belong to me etc). This hit the mark, and there was an audience ready to sing along.

It is hard to think how the concert could have been better. Maybe some more songs that we could have joined in with. And perhaps they could have been a little bit more organised with the dialogue between songs – I suspect this was the function of the violinist who has had to stand down after having a baby. But to have such talented and friendly musicians to grace the stage of Plymtree Village Hall was felt by many of us to be a privelige.

Oh, and the food was tasty, great value and efficiently served. A memorable evening.