Plymtree Performing Arts

Plymtree Performing Arts (PPA)Plymtree Performing Arts

A non-profit association of individuals who aim to bring cultural experiences to the village with good quality performing artists. The arts are represented through dance, poetry, theatre, puppetry, music, circus and comedy. The preferences of villagers will be sought, as far as possible, to enable the bookings to reflect the demand for specific arts. The venue for the performances will predominantly be the Parish Hall, but other venues will be considered including open areas such as the Recreation Ground. While all the performances will entertain, the association strives to meet other criteria and uses the medium of art to widen awareness of other cultures, of regional differences, of other lifestyles or minority groups. Some performances will be aimed at young people.

It is hoped that the association will put on at least two events per year. Costs of tickets will be kept to the minimum consistent with breaking even.

Each year, PPA will support a different charity and will contribute part of any profits made to that particular charity.

Plymtree has a long standing association with Cancer Research UK, so PPA have decided to make a contribution from events held in 2018 to Cancer Research UK.

A summary of the experiences so far is given here.