Tennis ball machine

The Plymtree Tennis Ball Machine

The Parishes Together Fund is funding supplied by Devon County Council and East Devon District Council for the purchase of assets for the benefit of local communities.

Through this scheme, we have been fortunate to acquire a tennis ball serving machine, tennis balls and collection basket for any parishioner to use.

What is it?

A small machine powered by electricity that delivers special tennis balls so that one person can practice return strokes. It is not a toy, but a training aid. It can be hired for use on the Plymtree tennis court only.

Who can use it?

You must be 16 years or older to have your name registered as a responsible user. Players younger than 16 years must be accompanied by a responsible user. To be a responsible user you must have had a briefing as to its safe use, and register your name and contact details. Once you are registered you can book it for use when you like.

How do I get briefed about the machine and become a registered user?

Alan or Tadhg from the Blacksmith’s Arms will provide short briefings on the tennis court itself.

The first demonstrations will be held at 10am on:

  • 15th March
  • 4th April

Further briefings will be advertised in the Parish Magazine and website

How do I book out the machine?

You book the machine from Alan (01884 277474). It will need several people to carry the equipment to the court, or be transported by car. You will need to agree with Alan the time you plan to return it. Bear in mind the time it will take to transport and set it up and dismantle it.

How much will it cost?

£2.00 per session (1 playing hour) to cover costs of electricity, replacement balls and wear and tear. Money to be given to Alan on return of the machine.


  • The machine must not be used if it is raining and the surface of the court is wet.
  • If the machine develops a fault it must be unplugged and returned. Users are not permitted to try and fix it. Any damage should be reported to Alan.
  • You must not use any other balls than then ones supplied
  • Children under 16 years are allowed on the court while the machine is in use only when there is a responsible user present.