Shop makes village more appealing

The shop is very important to the appeal of the village and is certainly something that we highlight to buyers in our sales details as a key selling point.

Plymtree continues to be one of the more popular villages in Devon with the good access, strong community, clubs, village shop, the school and church being quoted by several buyers as being particular attractions. We also have a direct example of this being important; a large property that we sold in Plymtree in the last few years was purchased by someone who would only consider properties in or on the edge of a village with all of the key elements, of ‘shop, pub and school’. If the village loses one of these critical elements, the number of potential buyers decreases and therefore property values may well decrease as a result.”

Associate Partner, Stags

The Stags website includes an article describing how local amenities are increasingly important to West Country property searches.