Fenny Bridges to Chineway Hill and back by a Different Route

Map OS Explorer 115 – Exmouth & Sidmouth. 1:25000.
Time: About21/2 hours
Grade: Easy, Great green lanes. Very small bit of road walking.

Take the old A30 road towards Honiton and at Fenny Bridges turn left, passing under the brick railway bridge and just before the newer concrete bridge park in the small pull-in on the right (GR.112988) Return to the main A30 road; turn left and moving to the other side of the road look for the Public Bridleway on the right just over the river bridge. Worth a quick look over the bridge at the River Otter.

Stay on the broad, wonderful green lane up to the minor road. Cross over the road, through a gate and up through the fields staying close to the hedge on your left. Pass through a couple of gates and the open path merges into a wonderful hedged, deep grassy track that climbs very gradually for about 11/2 km emerging at a thatched cottage on a cinder track. Follow the cinder track to the road.

Just before the road take the track right into the woods and follow this beautiful canopied track for some 300m to where, at a signed post, it crosses another track. Carry on straight across and crossing a stile you will soon come to some buildings (somewhat decrepit!) Go alongside these buildings to emerge on a small lane beside a cottage. Straight on and over a stile into open pasture. Cross the field moving left of the first big oak and then between the next two to reach a stile in the upper far corner. Into the really magnificent beech and oak woods, along the track to eventually reach the steep Chineway Hill. BUT, just before that hill note the seat on your right with the most wonderful view. Super chance for the flask.

Refreshed, move on to the road – can be some heavy traffic – turn left and slowly move up to the brow of the hill. Left at the top over a low bar into the woods and along –yes- another wonderful wide straight track. Great old beech trees and strange fungi at the right time of year. Eventually, over another low rail and then cross straight over a track (bit muddy round here) into more open ground. Again, in September, wonderful gorse and heather and young silver birch. Stay on this track for some way, not taking a track diagonally back left, but at the three way sign drop down left on a good track through the woods. You will cross over a track at a signed junction. (You may remember this crossing from earlier on in the walk) Follow the unmetalled Road sign and enjoy the very open and green track / unmetalled road all the way down to Alfington Village, emerging by the brook.

Right on the main road – can be very busy – and in some 300 – 400 m on the brow of the hill turn left into a small lane. Follow this lane past various little cottages until it narrows into a leafy footpath that via a stile emerges into an open field. Cross diagonally right, about 1:00 o clock, to the rounded hedge and follow it to a double stile on your left. Immediately left again over a stile (see the river Otter down to your left) and down some wooden steps along to yet another stile. In about 50 m the final stile leads you into the wide lane, which formed the start of the walk. Left to the road and with care back along to the car.

Revised May 2013