April 2019 Newsletter

Plymtree Country Fayre & Horse Show

After my plea for help last month I am delighted to report that we have had a number of expressions of interest regarding running the Horse Show from 2020 onwards, so it looks as if that vital part of our Bank Holiday event will be safe for the future. Many thanks to those who took the time to respond and express interest.

Many of you will know that the Parish Council established a new lock-up facility for village equipment last year; they have been kind enough to allow us to keep a lot of the equipment used for the Fayre and Horse Show in that lock-up, which has made life around the August Bank Holiday much easier as it is in close proximity to our current site. As a result, we have been trying to identify and move relevant equipment (especially tents and marquees) from the cricket pavilion and lock-up to their new home and have found some tent poles and covers that we can’t identify.

March 2019 Newsletter

Plymtree Country Fayre & Horse Show

This month, we are issuing an appeal for help to save the Horse Show part of the Plymtree Country Fayre and Horse Show, so please read on and help if you can….

For 25 years, Pat Williams has (tirelessly and with great dedication) led the organization of the Horse Show. In this, he has had a great deal of help from many others but he has been the driving force on the Organising Committee and we have come to rely on him completely.

Visit to RDA Exeter 11 December 2018

A group from the Plymtree Country Fayre and Horse Show visited the Exeter Group of Riding for the Disabled on 11 December to present a donation of £1400 and see the riders, with their helpers, in action. The event was covered by the Western Morning News and published on 21 December.

We received the following Christmas Card from the RDA.

Donation to Plymtree School

Plymtree Fayre and Horse Show are delighted to have been able to support Plymtree School with a donation of £500 towards musical instruments to support the music lessons, school choir and the schools many talented musicians and singers.

Using the donated funds, the school has been able to purchase a keyboard, case and stand as well as a set of Boomwhackers and a Class percussion set.

We hope the children enjoy using their new instruments and, who knows, we may even have to ask them to come and play at next year’s fayre.

Report from the 2018 Show

Plymtree Country Fayre and Horse Show 

Report of the 2018 Show 

After the success of the Fayre & Horse Show in its new location in 2017 we hoped that this year’s event could be as memorable.

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